Active Bucks

Free activity voucher for anyone in Bucks

Are you looking to try a new activity, or looking to get your children more active?

Buckinghamshire County Council has created Active Bucks to help you and your family get a little more active.

Activities are open to everyone, whether you’re young or old, male or female, fit or unfit. All of the activities are aimed at beginners, so don’t count yourself out if you currently do little or no activity.

In fact, you’re the person we really want to join in!

Simply visit to register and get your first session free.

You might have lots of reasons for getting active – maybe you want to get back in shape, relieve stress, socialise or have some time for yourself.

There are over 1500 activities listed across Bucks you can choose from. Whatever your reason, you will be able to find an activity near you and on a day and time that suits you so it can become a part of your routine. Activities include aerobics, gym, swimming, dance, martial arts, badminton, tennis, and yoga just to mention a few.

For contact details please Email us

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