Diabetes Awareness Event

The diabetes awareness event was partnered with Diabetes UK.

People from South Asian communities are at least five times more likely to be affected by diabetes than the general population. However, this risk can be significantly affected by diet and lifestyle so it is vital that people learn what changes they can make to reduce the risk of developing diabetes or reduce the risk of complications if they have already developed the condition.

For this event, local politicians, health professionals and Islamic scholars were invited to explore with people the many challenges a person living with diabetes may face. 

The purpose of this event was to help the community identify people who are at risk of or are already living with diabetes which has not been diagnosed in addition to providing information to support those already diagnosed with the condition. Health Professionals and Islamic scholars were invited to give advice and guidance in Ramadan (the month of fasting), a particular issue for those already on medication.  

Diabetes UK carried out individual risk assessments for people who want to asses their risk of developing diabetes and other more general NHS Health Checks were offered. The event was attended by 337 participants from the local South Asian community, 13 Health professionals, 11 local politicians and 2 Imams from the Aylesbury Mosque.

We would like to thank David Lidington ( MP of Aylesbury), Allison Harrison (Current Mayor of Aylesbury), Tuffail Hussain (Previous Mayor of Aylesbury),  Ranjula Takodra, Steven Lambert, Raj Khan, (District Councillor and former mayor) Dr Kathy Hoffmann, Steve Adamek, (Chairman of Aylesbury Vale Diabetes UK group) all Doctors from Bucks CCGs and NHS health checks,  Hazrath Alama Hafiz Mohammed Naeem Sultani and Hazrath Alama Qazi Abdul Latif Qadri (Senior Imam of Aylesbury Mosque) for their time.

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