Health Care Professionals 

Join us and become a registered member to provide confidence to your clients. Become a recognised and regulated health care professional. Our board has a responsibility for protecting people using registrant services. 

What we do:

  • We set high standards for professionals, education and training practices
  • We keep a register of professionals who are members of the PHO who meet our standards

This will commit our members to provide and offer value for money and a high quality services to the public. 

How we regulate:

  • Setting and reviewing standards of conduct, performance and ethical framework
  • Continue to meet the standards of proficiency 
  • Standards of relevant education and contentious professional development

We regulate health, social work and psychological professions.

This board is supported by a network of specialist teams, advisory committees and partners who aim to regulate all our practices and policies. 

If you would like to register as a member of the PHO, or would like to check if your health care provider is registered with us, please email us at


The (PHO) membership is international and diverse, covering all aspects of public health, including medical and environmental health, (PHO) will be able to engage and benefit you professionally.Join us and make a difference

Criteria, Grades, Fees, Benefits and how to apply

Memberships of (PHO) are open to the general public and health professions; it is a world renowned commitment to public health and brings real professional benefits.


We offer four main grades of membership designed to suit professional careers and individual health needs:

Fellowship Criteria

To apply for a membership, applicants must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Post Graduate level Diploma or Master degree from recognised academic institution
  • 3 years’ experience in a public health related post
  • Fellow of another professional body

Membership Criteria

  • Bachelor Degree from recognised academic institution
  • 6 months experience in a public health related post
  • Member of another professional body

Associate Membership

Open to the General Public for an Associate Membership. This public membership is designed to keep you up to date with developments in public or personal health issues. No documentation required except for an I.D.

Student Membership

To apply for a Student Membership, applicants must currently be undertaking a full time or part time undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in public health.


Our memberships are £20 per year for an official (PHO) membership certificate. Beneficial for professional recognition. All funds will be donated to medical and educational purposes. 

Membership Benefits

The benefits of memberships are designed to keep you up-to-date with developments in public health through a wide range of educational and networking opportunities. (PHO) are regularly working to improve and develop benefits for our membership.

  • Members will receive a certificate of membership for professional recognition
  • Network with other members and join in discussions via online Forum
  • Events, conferences and related activities for health professions
  • Members can attend free events regarding public health issues
  • Members are eligible for discounts on the (PHO) conferences
  • Attend our conferences and meet senior public health professionals
  • Information for public or personal health issues
  • Be a part of growing public health community
  • Beneficial for career progression

Please note all memberships will be reviewed on an annual basis and some of the benefits above are available to members in the UK only

Membership Register

If you would like to check if a member is registered please select the link. Members register check 

Membership Application

Please download the Membership Application Form and then email to with the copies of each of the following. 

Documentation required:

  • Passport / Driving licence 

Fellowship Criteria

  • Copies of your qualification certificates
  • Proof of 3 years’ experience in a public health related post
  • Proof of a Fellowship of another professional body

Membership Criteria

  • Copy of your Bachelor Degree qualification certificate
  • Proof 6 months experience in a public health related post
  • Proof of a Membership of another professional body

Student Membership

  • Proof of undertaking a full or part time undergraduate / postgraduate qualification in public health

Associate Membership

  • No documentation required except for an I.D.

For more information, please Contact Us.

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