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Can Your Diet Defeat Diabetes? ITV at 7.30pmPhoto: ITV / Tonight
ITV’s Tonight programme has seen remarkable evidence suggesting it is possible to halt or even defeat Type 2 Diabetes with what you eat.
This week’s episode follows a group with the condition trying to get better by changing their diet. They receive guidance and nutritional advice from ‘The Medicinal Chef’ Dale Pinnock.
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Dale Pinnock advises on dietary improvements Credit: ITV / Tonight
Reporter Jonathan Maitland investigates as two contributors take long-term blood sugar tests showing that their diabetes has been reversed.
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Peter speaking to the Tonight programme Credit: ITV / Tonight

I have gone from a position at the start of March pumping loads of stuff into my body and by mid August, simply by changing what I ate, all of my diabetic symptoms were improving and my medication was down to zero.”


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Val noticed real benefits from changing her diet Credit: ITV / Tonight

I have lost six stones eleven pounds so far. I feel much fitter and much healthier and my blood glucose level is now back to normal.”


Around 4 million people in the UK currently have Type 2 Diabetes and the numbers are rising. The condition is caused mainly by obesity and poor diet. It can lead to heart attack, stroke, limb amputation and blindness.
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‘Tonight’ dieter Claire Poole who swapped homemade sausage pie and chips for chicken breast wrapped in bacon with lentils and salad experienced a significant drop in her blood sugar levels. Credit: ITV / Tonight
Analysts say treatment is costing £10 billion a year – that’s 10 per cent of the NHS budget. Some believe that unchecked it has the potential to bankrupt the country’s health service.
Can Your Diet Defeat Diabetes? is on ITV at 7.30pm and on The ITV Hub shortly afterwards.
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