Useful Links


Diabetes UK –

Diabetes UK Aylesbury –

Balance of the mind  –

Drug Watch –

American Diabetes Association –

Amputee Coalition of America –

U.S Department of health –

International diabetes federation –

National council for ageing care – 

Healthy hearts and minds –

Mesothelioma Cancer Support –


A collections of online resources (2015) listed below have been used for each health topic:

Amputation – Wikipedia, Diabetes UK, American Diabetes Association, Amputee Coalition of America

Cardiovascular diseases – Nhs, Diabetes UK, American Diabetes Association,Wikipedia

Depression – Nhs, Wikipedia, d-pression

Diabetes – Diabetes UK, Wikipedia, Nhs, International diabetes federation, U.S Department of health

Eye disease (retinopathy) – Nhs, Diabetes UK , U.S Department of health

Kidney disease –  Diabetes UK , Nhs, U.S Department of health, Wikipedia

Nerve damage (neuropathy) – Nhs, Diabetes UK , U.S Department of health

Obesity – Nhs, Diabetes UK, U.S Department of health

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