Diabetes in Ramadan 

If you’re from a south Asian background, you’re more likely than people from other communities in the UK to have certain health conditions.
This is also the case for some mixed-race people of south Asian descent. The term ‘south Asian’ in these articles refers to anyone of Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani or Sri Lankan origin. While each of these communities has its own unique culture and background, they all share some common health issues.

Diabetes and heart diseasePeople from south Asian communities can be up to six times more likely to have diabetes than the general population. Pakistani women are especially at risk. The risk of dying early from coronary heart disease is twice as high among South Asian groups compared with the general population. Experts aren’t sure why this is the case, but it may be linked to diet, lifestyle and different ways of storing fat in the body.

Eye health and kidney health The eye condition acute glaucoma and chronic kidney disease can affect anybody, but people from south Asian communities have a higher risk. Having diabetes increases the chances of developing kidney disease, and research suggests diabetes can also raise the risk of glaucoma. Learn more about living with kidney disease and glaucoma.

Blood and organ donation There are currently around 7,000 people in the UK waiting for an organ transplant that could save or dramatically improve their lives. This figure changes constantly as people join and leave the transplant waiting list. Most are waiting for a kidney, heart, lung or liver transplant. One donor can give life to several people. Giving blood can also help to save lives. Organ and blood donation among south Asian, African and African Caribbean communities is relatively low. These groups represent 27% of those on the waiting list but only 5% of organ donors. This means that there is a shortage of donor organs and blood matching the tissue or blood type of members of these ethnic groups. Comedian Gina Yashere explains why it’s important for members of ethnic minorities to donate blood and organs. To find out more about what different religions – including Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hindu and Judaism – say about blood and organ donation, visit the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)website.

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